Jadroplov Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz

Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz

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Jadroplov Ltd. - Split, Croatia International Maritime Transport

Jadroplov shipping company from Split was founded on January 20, 1947. After transformation of the socially owned companies in 1993 it became a joint stock company.

Jadroplov’s primary activities are the international maritime transport of goods with its own tramp ships, managing crews and technical maintenance of ships Aside from that Jadroplov also engages travel agency activities.

Jadroplov today has 35 shore based employees (all of whom work in the Head office located in Split, Croatia), 115 seafarers and a fleet of eight (5) ships, bulk carriers of 42.500 dwt to 52.113 dwt, all cargo gear equipped, with total carrying capacity of 242.727 dwt. The average age of these ships is 14,9 years.

Within the ownership structure, the CERP (Republic of Croatia and HZMO) has a majority stake of 70,64 percent in Jadroplov and the remaining shares are owned by legal entities and private individuals respectively. The company’s shares are traded on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The future Jadroplov’s privatization should ensure the continuity in business, at the same time protecting the interests of all of Jadroplov’s employees.

It is Jadroplov’s commitment to meet and satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients. Only the best have managed to survive in the discriminating shipping market and Jadroplov has managed to be among them for more than 74 years. The knowledge and many years of experience of the seafarers, the high level of services (including particular emphasis in marine safety, safe working practices and the protection of the marine environment) provided to the largest world ship charterers are the formula for success and a guarantee for the future of Jadroplov.